Do you see that pigeon over there? Yeah, the one with the limp? That’s the one! That pigeon is kind of like an immigrant. It is a pigeon, but it just has a small fault, a small thing that makes it a bit more difficult for it to go round, something that makes it different, and I think that’s how quite a lot of immigrants feel like, I’m a Norwegian that’s been living here for nine months, and I really feel like this pigeon. You are a human being, you just kind of… have a small handicap. In this film I’ll try and talk to other people, to see what they feel about immigration and integration, and what really is it that makes you integrate well?


So we are back with my pigeon talk, mostly cause this is a good way to make my documentary seming meaningfull and deep. I’ve found out a lot thorught this documentary, but instead of babling more about that I’m going to say my final words… Not in death or anything, just in this documentary. If that pigeon are able to fly, then I’ll be able to do that aswell.

Of course not like litearly, cause you know, I’m not an actualy pigeon, I’m a human being, so I can’t like acually fly. And look, now I’m bambling, i’m even talking through the credit thingy… Ops… Well I’m gonna shut up now…. Just one last thing, can I just say that I’m really happy about this pigeon talk, I thought that was quite good,so um yeah, thanks for watching….

One of the first things I thought i could do was to talk with everyday people in Taunton…but that ended up being a tiny bit difficult

Yeah…..sooo I think I’ll just show when I talked to my tennis buddy Matteo firstAnd here we are back with me again, trying to find someone willing to talk to me. It doesn’t look to positive that I’ll find someone, but then suddenly you get your hopes up aaaaaaaaaaand no


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