Here are some of the questions I’ll ask when I talk to people, I will come up with most of my questions there and then, so this is more like guidelines

Vox Pops 

What are your views of foreigners coming to the UK?

What do you think they should do do integrate themselves?

Do you think that it’s down to the person if he manages to get successfully integrated or is it down to or is it the attitude of the people that already lives there?


How was it coming to the UK as foreigners?

Did you guys felt like you were welcomed by those already living her?

How has your experience been so far?

Have you guys tried to integrate yourself in anyway?

Is there something you regret not doing when you came her in the beginning?

Do you have any suggestions for what other foreigners can do to integrate?

Do you guys think that it’s down to you as a person to how your experience will be or to the people already living her?

Have you felt prededjucide against you for being a Norwegian or a foreigner?




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