Week 1


On Monday I started to develop more of my idea. I talked to Steve and pitched him my idea. After that I went to Julian and did the same, as well as asking him if he could have a workshop with me. I also pitched my idea to Darren. After I had talked to all three I had changed my idea quite a lot, and made it much more realistic. Other than talking to them I also started researching. I watched episodes from the Norwegian film “Petter Uteligger” and I also watched the film ” Being Ginger” both of these were very similar to how I wanted to film my documentary. I also emailed the person producing Petter Uteligger, and asked for tips ( not gotten a reply yet), and I researched how to make documentaries, a documentary maker ( Michael More) and the fellow Maslow that I wrote about, and his theories.


I spend sometime researching equipment, mostly cameras, and just in general how to film. I found out from this that camera’s EXTREAMLY expensive, and that I’m very glad I can borrow from the college. I also watched bits of two documentaries called Super Size Me and Capitalism, A love story ( I liked the last one the best) I also had a workshop with Julian that day, in after effects ( and a bit in premier) I wrote a blog post about this afterwards and experimented a bit. I also arranged with Steve, how and what equipment I was going to borrow for the following day.


I started my day watching the end of the documentary called #ChicagoGirl, The Social Network takes on a dictator. I then used quite a lot of my day testing out my new equipment, and finding out how to use it, and get the files out of the camera. I also drew a page of my storyboard. I also spent sometime helping Natalie out.

In my own time

In my own time I have watched most of Super Size Me, Capitalism, A love Story, #Chicagogirl, The Social Network Takes on a Dictator, and bits of other documentaries like Roger and Me, Being Ginger and Petter Uteligger. I have also thought quite a lot of what I will do, arranged interviews, written blogposts (like this one) and wrote the pre-production post ( which is technically the same things as the previous points, but I spent some time on it, so felt it deserved to stand on its own)

All in all I felt like this has been a very productive week. I feel ready for this next week and it seems like I am getting everything done it time, hopefully I won’t get any stupid surprises.


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