Camera Equipment

I’m planning on starting to film this weekend, so I need equipment today. I am planning on talking with Hannah about what I should have, but I thought I should research it a bit first.

According to desktop documentaries there are four different questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a camera.

Where will your video or documentary be shown when it’s done?

It will be primarily shown on normal computers/mac

How much money are you willing to spend?

Well, since I’m borrowing a camera from College this isn’t relevant.

What type of shooting are you doing: cinematic/planned shots or run & gun news style?

It is kind of like run and gun news style, I will try to prepare the shots as much as possible, but I’m going to do a lot of spontaneity.

What’s your editing system and is it capable of handling the video format you are shooting on?

I’m going to use premier pro and after effects, so very good programs, and I’m also working on a mac, so that’s good.



You can use kind of any kind of resolution when you are just showing it on the web ( like I’m doing) 240 is the lowest you can go, and 4k is the highest and best. I am tempted to use 4k, but as Desktop Documentaries said “Keep in mind not all computers and internet connections have enough power or bandwidth to play a 4k video.” They also say suggest to use at least 1280 x 720p, so that’s the lowest. Ideally you should use a camera that can shoot in either 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080.

Type of camera

I think I want a small camcorder, I don’t really need a fancy pantsy big one. According to Desktop Documentaries they suggest Panasonic, Sony AX100 and Canon XA20 Camcorder
4K Camcorder. I really like the Panasonic and the Sony one as they are small and easy to work with. 

As well as a camera it’s important that I have an external mic as well, to get good audio.


At no film school I found a cool infographic about this, so thought I could have that one here as well.



Other articles read that I didn’t mention:




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