I’ve just talked to Julian and I’m really glad cause he gave me a reality check. He said that my documentary should be for 5 minutes max, preferably 4. I am a bit worried about how I’m supposed to all the things I want into a five minutes documentary, and I should just scratch the whole series thing, but heyho. Julian said I should either use a GoPro or one of the College cameras, I think that perhaps the GoPro is a good advice, it’s easy to use and will give a cool twist on my documentary. He also advised me to watch loads of documentaries, and I think that that’s what I’m going to do today and on Thursday.

Petter Uteligger

This is a really good documentary series that was my original inspiration. It’s in Norwegian, so obviously my tutors won’t understand what they are saying, but it’s basically about a guy that lives on the street for 52 days to experience how it is and you guys don’t actually need to understand, just see the footage really. I really liked how he filmed the whole thing, because it was very real, but at the same time the quality was really really good and the whole thing was very good filmed. This is very much how I want my documentary to be.


Being Ginger

Being Ginger is a documentary made by a film student at Edinburgh College. It starts out like a fun light documentary about a hopeless romantic ginger on a search to find a girl that likes ginger men ( specifically him) but it turns out to be a movie about his journey to liking and accepting himself, and about bullying. The movie is filmed mostly by one of his two friends, with him either standing completely in front of the camera and talking directly to it, and answering questions from his friends or him interviewing others.

A foreign student in the UK
Supersize me

In America fastfood is more extreme than anywhere else in the world, people have started to sue companies like MacDonalds for making them obese. Morgan Spurlock decided to see what effect it has on the body if you eat MacDonalds for every meal for 30 days straight.

Capitalism, A love Story

Capitalism, a love story is a great film by Michael More that explains the problems with capitalism with using humour. It’s funny, at the same time it’s very serious. He uses special effects, sarcasm and music to give it a interesting and fun perspective.


#Chicagogirl, The Social Network takes on a dictator

#Chicagogirl is a documentary about a girl named Ala’a Basatneh that is a huge part of the Syrian revolution from her bedroom in America, Chicago.


Sex, My British Job


Too Many Immigrants

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