Project Proposal

I have just emailed Steve my project proposal, in the end I was quite satisfied with it. I am however a bit unsure if I might have overdid it again, we have less than a month to do it, and it’s a lot of work, so I will talk to both Steve and Darren tomorrow and see what they think.

Task 1:
In the space of less than four weeks I will produce a documentary series that consists of four episodes. The working title of the series is “ Taunton Stories”, but will most likely change. The series will focus on how it is being a foreigner in Taunton. I will use myself as the main focus, where I will talk about being a foreigner the short time I’ve actually been one, and how I wonder how this experience I share with so many other people differ from person to person. There is a lot of foreigners in Taunton, most comes from different backgrounds and are coming to Taunton for both different reasons and to different starting points. Some might come here alone, but will find a society with people from the same country, as most polish will. Some have come here with their family. Some has come as I have, a student. How has these different starting points made our experience different, and is that what makes it different, or does it vary based on the person instead?

The first episode will be about presenting the series, and will mostly about me, and my thoughts around this area. The three following episodes will have another person as the main character, but I will still play an active role in it, interviewing them. Each episode will be around 5 minutes, so put together the documentary will last about 20 minutes. The points I will focus on in the episodes are how it was in the beginning, how this individual has experienced Taunton, and his/hers views around this subject. Each episode will include an intro or opening credits as well as credits in the end. The opening credits will always start the same, with me talking about my questions, it will then move on to where I say as a voiceover “in episode two of Taunton Stories I have talked with Lathif. Lathif….” In this part you will see clips from the interview itself. The opening credits will probably take no longer than 20 seconds.

Task 2:

I will divide my research into three sections, research of the genre, content research and production and editing research. I will record all my research on my school blog

Research of the genre

In this section I will research different documentary styles, and especially how a documentary series will differ from a normal full-length documentary. On the VLE there is a documentary brief most likely used by previous students, I will go through all of those files and work with them as well. If I get the time I shall watch a couple of documentary series and normal documentaries and compare them. I will especially watch documentaries where the narrator plays and active role in the documentary, such like David Attenborough. There is also a documentary on Netflix called Being Ginger, this is where I believe I will find most of my inspiration from as it is very near to how I want my documentary to be (of course with a different subject) I might also go as far as email the creator of Being Ginger and ask for his advice, as he did all of the filming, voiceover and presenting himself.

I will also research different intros or opening credits, both in normal TV-series and, in documentaries. Here I will also focus on the documentaries where the narrator plays an active role, and will see how others have made their opening credits.

Content research

In the content research I shall go more in depth of the subject in hand, being a foreigner in England. I will read articles about this case, and see if I can find similar short documentaries about the subject. I will also go around to my colleagues at College and ask them individually in short how their experience has been, this will help me with my question: Is it the individual personality that will determine your experience as living as a foreigner in Taunton, or is it the persons background or starting point? By using my colleagues it will enable me to answer this question as all of us come from the same starting point and background.

To gain a deeper understanding of foreign culture in England I plan to visit one of the most ethnically diverse cities, London. Here I will speak to people from different countries to find out their thoughts about how it is being welcomed in London as a foreigner, I am expecting that this will differ very much from how it is in Taunton and it will therefore be an interesting aspect to consider. I will also look online, especially on Social Media such like Facebook to see if there are any showings or workshops of a kind around both areas like integration and documentary in London and will plan my trip according to that.

Production and editing research

In production and editing research I will do just that, research all around this area. I will research different camera moves and techniques, and if there is any that are especially important to use in this kind of filmmaking. As voiceover and filming myself will be a big part of the series I will particularly research in depth, the best way to do this.

In editing I shall focus mostly on how to make my opening credits and closing credits, as previously said I will research this in the genre section as well, but in this section I will focus more of the logistics around it, actually how to edit the work in After Effects and Premier Pro.

Task 3:

I will use a variation of techniques for this brief. I plan to have workshops in both Premier Pro and After effects, where the main focus will be colour correction, dealing with text, typography and smooth transitions. I will also have one workshop in general filming, and if possible, documentary filming. Where the main focus on the workshop will be about filming while being in front of the camera, so by use of tripods and such like.

Task 4:

Throughout this project I will speak and show my work to two people, one who is a media student, and another that is not. I will show them bits and pieces through the production to see if they understand what I mean. By having two independent people that I do not interactive with on a daily basis I know I will get a more critically feedback, and will challenge me more than had it been one of my colleagues that know what I want them to say. In the end I will find a third person to show my almost finished piece, again I will not tell this person anything else than that it’s a documentary series. By doing this I will find out how a normal person is reacting and understanding my documentary, completely bias, but I will still have time to change bits and pieces if I get feedback that the person doesn’t understand it or have trouble with something.

As for the presentation of my finished piece I will upload two versions to YouTube, one where I upload one video per episode, so you can see them all separate, and one where I have edited it all together so it’s just one documentary. I will then proceed to try and spread it around, and if I am successful get comments and reactions, if I manage to do that I will most definitely call the documentary series a success.


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