I’m trying to do a bit of the same idea techniques that I did on the tea packaging, but quite a lot of them I can’t do, like sketching ( not that I’m complaining, since I’m rubbish at drawing) but one technique I’m gonna use is the question one, he asked me loads of questions about how I was going to make my packaging, and then I had to sit down and answer them, unfortunately I don’t have Darren by my side asking questions this time, so I had to use myself, so this is the questions I came up with, and my answers.

Will you have voice over or more like a presenter

Well originally I was going to make more like a news-reporter kind of thing, but since I swapped to documentary instead I’ll probably do a voice over.


I have been thinking a bit, I’m a foreigner in Taunton, perhaps I should use this for my advantage and focus more the series about me. Like I have voice overs, and a presentation about my self, where I talk about my opinon about this subject, and that it’s more like        ” After being here for some time, and meeting other people that’s also from a different country I started to wonder if my experience is different from theirs, in this documentary series I will talk with three other people that also came to Taunton from a different country.” I quite like this idea better, as it becomes more personal. I think that this is what I will write in my project proposal.

Where will you film them?

This is a bit tricky one, not because I’m lacking ideas, but because I have to have my feet firmly planted on the ground. I want to say that I’m gonna film them in their home, where they work/study and in town itself, but I’m not really sure if I have the time to do that…. I only have four weeks of doing it, and I can’t really use four whole days for filming, I think I’m only gonna use like two days, so two people per day, but then again I’m doubting that I will get the time to film them in three different locations. Three different locations times four, is 12 different locations that I have to go to, with all my gear, so it might be a bit to much for me to handle…. perhaps I can have one person walking around in the town centre with me, and showing me a favourite place to eat, and then I can do the interview there, and then one or two at home and then one or two at work?


What softwares are you going to use

I will primarily use Adobe Premier Pro, but I will also use After Effects quite a lot since I’m making a intro and credits, something that is best to do in After Effects ( at least in my opinion)

What equipment are you going to use?

I want to say Canon, as I prefer it, BUT I do own a Nikon, and it will be a lot easier using my own camera instead of borrowing from college all the time… I might only borrow lenses from the college, as my lenses aren’t that good. I will write in my project proposal that I will have to research equipment for filming and documentary filming.

What techniques (both film wise and editing wise) are you going to use?

I kind of want to do this really creative and difficult techniques, but I don’t think I should, (feet on ground, feet on ground) instead I’m probably going to use the normal one, this is another thing I will have to research.


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