As I said in my previous post, I have quite some ideas, I have had a think about all of them and written down either why I can’t use it or why I can.

Life as a homeless

To follow a homeless person for 24 hours, documentary kind of things that would last for about 10/15 minutes.

I really really like this idea, but when I pitched it to my tutor you can say he kind of disagreed, according to him it’s “dangerous” and that I wouldn’t be allowed by any of the colleges, so this is kind of gone through the window, BUT I can still write down cons and pros


  • It’s a good idea – There’s very many people that just walk past homeless people, not even acknowledging their existence , by making this documentary or what it is this could perhaps make people see the homeless as people, and treat them better.
  • It’s challenging for me – Filming a person for 24 hours straight is (probably) very difficult, both in the sense that you have to follow the person around for so long, as well as the whole filming part of it, doing this would have given me the opportunity to really experience this, and learn a lot from it


  • It might be a tiny bit dangerous – Sleeping outside in town might be a bit dangerous, you can get mugged or something worse could happen.
  • Not sure if I have the skills – As I said in the pros section, this is very challenging, and when I think about it, it might be a bit to big of a challenge. I’m not really good at filming, so even though it would have been a great experience, it would perhaps turned out really really bad.


The Rise of Polish Shops

There’s been a lot of Polish shops being opened up in Taunton, I would have made a piece about this, interviewing shop owners and people that buy from there.

This idea was given to me by Steve, I think it’s an alright idea with some potential, but I’m not very keen on it, and I think that I, as the maker of this film, should be motivated and wanting to make it. This will be one of my backup plans if my final idea falls through.

British Indian Food

When you go and eat Indian food, or any other food from a different cuisine that English for that matter you never have the actual real deal, like Indian food, it doesn’t really taste the same as in India. And Tacos in England is a completely different thing than in Mexico. I would go to different fast food and restaurants around Taunton that sell food that’s from another country, and interview them on this.


I think that I want to make it a proper documentary, so not just interview them and edit it, but have a proper intro beforehand, and have credits afterwards, so that I can learn more about after effects and premier as well.


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