Tea Campaigns


Lipton has a series of posters, it’s a mix with picture and graphic design and is all about it being green and healthy , you can see that it is connected because they are using the same style and the message is similar.



This campaign from Twinings was called “Discover the Art of Tea” and had artists make something out of Twining tea, for example like the first video where he makes a picture out of tea cups and tea types, and the second one just above her where you see a persons hand make different kinds of pictures using loose tea. The videos had a soothing but fun background music while a lady spoke, promoting Twinings.

Source: http://www.talkingretail.com/products-news/grocery/consumers-discover-the-art-of-tea-with-twinings/

Honest Tea

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.22.46 a.m.

Honest Tea made a modern campaing using social media, they had a hashtag called #RefreshinglyHonest, and was about being honest, would you steal or pay if you could choose, is women more honest than men? Those sort of things. This tea campaign didn’t focus on the tea, but on an “important” issue, it was also easy and fun to take part with, so it gave Honest Tea a lot of PR

Source: https://www.honesttea.com/nationalhonestyindex/


Tetley did the same thing as Honest Tea, they made a hashtag, #ItStartsWithTea, and made a campaign that didn’t actually focus on the tea itself, or well it did in a much bigger degree than with Honest tea, but they focused on different events through history and typical British things, and that those things were done whilst drinking tea. The video is clever and funny and makes people want to drink Tetley’s tea.

Source: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2016/01/04/tetley-pours-10m-campaign-celebrating-best-britain


Okey, so now I’ve taken my pictures of my product so I can talk about how I would have made a campaign out of this, if this had been a real product. I have a poster of the 5 gods that I have used, I would have had a video that started with the poster with the teas like this


and then I would have made the gods “come alive” so that they were replaced with actors that looked exactly like the pictures (obviously I would have used other pictures, but it would be illustration pictures) and then each god would talk about their type of tea kind of, I would then end the video with the slogan ” Tea, even the gods drank it” I would also have a series of poster to accompany the video, one of the poster itself, with the slogan. And then five posters, one for each god, where the god hold their teabags, and smiled to the camera or something, with the slogans below ” Green Tea, even Odin drank it” the video would be running on channels like the BBC, and the poster would be around towns and other places where posters are. I would also have made a internett campaign out of it, where you could take a quiz to find out which god and tea suits you the best, so information about the god and about the tea. I wouldn’t have had a hashtag, cause I think that is starting to loose it’s “cool” so yeah, this would have been my campaign had it been real and had I had funds to do it.


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