Self – Assessment

Today is hand in, I’m done with everything and the only things that remain is the self assessment, so here it is:

To be honest I’m very disappointed about myself, as I previously wrote in the post about the templates, I used all of my time really, making the templates, so when I finally managed to find one I almost didn’t have time to actually make the design and infographics.  I should have worked so much more on the design itself, but I would say that it shows commitment that I didn’t give up on the template thing though…

But if we overlook the fiasco of the templates the design isn’t downright awful, it’s quite plain and simple I give you that, but I think it looks quite alright. The tea bags gives it a bit extra something, and I like the symbols that I’ve used.

I think that research wise I have been quite good, I have researched in depth, written a bit personal opinion and talked about how I want to use what I just researched in my product.

As always I haven’t done enough experimenting, I do struggle a bit with doing experimenting as I always just want to focus on the main project, but I have experimented a bit in the 3d workshop, with illustrator, with mark making, the templates, and I also made something in the laser workshop, but I unfortunately lost it…

I think overall that I have tried my best, but that I could have done so much better



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