Hello, so I just had a talk with Darren, and he suggested that I should use a sketchpad and sketch the same sketch many many times, and add many details, so I think I’ll try that. We also talked about the package itself, and I think I’m going to go for my first idea, so this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.45.21 p.m.

he asked me a couple of questions about how I am going to make it, here’s the questions and answers

What images are going in the background

I’ve kind of already decided on what I’m going to have in the background and that is this


I’ve changed the Odin, Frigg and Loki though. For Odin I want to have a big (oak perhaps) thee with an eye in the middle of it, to represent his wisdom, old age and the fact that he sacrificed one of his eyes for the wisdom. For Frigg I think I’ll have like flowers to form a heart, or something like that. And for Loki I’m still a bit unsure, perhaps a horse, since he once were a horse, or have like herbs since it’s herbal tea.

How are you going to produce the images?

I’m going to photograph each item, so hammer, tree, eye etc and image trace them or something on the computer.

What are you going to design it in?

I’m primarily going to use photoshop, but for the infographic I’m going to use indesign.

How are you going to make the packaging?

This is a bit difficult, I visited the shop (repographics, is that what it’s called?) and showed them a picture of the package I got my idea from, but they said that they don’t have the correct paper.. so not sure what I’m gonna use.





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