New Brief

Hi, so, on Thursday when we had our hand in we also got the new brief, and that’s about us choosing what we want to do ourself. I want to do some video journalism.

I have a couple of ideas

Taunton Stories

Following five different people, five different stories, all from different ethnic backgrounds living in Taunton. About five minutes or so per video.

Life as a homeless

To follow a homeless person for 24 hours, documentary kind of things that would last for about 10/15 minutes.

The Rise of Polish Shops

There’s been a lot of Polish shops being opened up in Taunton, I would have made a piece about this, interviewing shop owners and people that buy from there.

British Indian Food

When you go and eat Indian food, or any other food from a different cuisine that English for that matter you never have the actual real deal, like Indian food, it doesn’t really taste the same as in India. And Tacos in England is a completely different thing than in Mexico. I would go to different fast food and restaurants around Taunton that sell food that’s from another country, and interview them on this.


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