Marie’s pathetic try to make a template

Hello, so this post is about the biggest mistake I did throughout this brief. Sometimes I’m actually quite clever, but apparently I wasn’t this time. So I found out how I wanted my box to be, and it didn’t occur to me for a single minute that I could go online and find a template, no, in my head the only thing possible was to make one myself. And that was the start on my small personal hell that would continue for the next week or so. I have had a rough count and come up with that I probably made around 40 templates or so, all that failed. Some worked better than others, and in the end I was given an advice to look online, where I of course found a quite okey one, I still had to tweek it a bit so I spent some time with that, but in the end the result was quite good, at least better than all the other ones. I have no idea how many hours I spent on figuring out the template, but I know what I worked through at least two nights working on it, plus quite a lot in college, so roughly 20 hours or so?  So here is some of the templates that I tried out and failed with, I didn’t take a picture of most of them (ops)

And then I found, wait for it




Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.06.36 p.m.

Yeeeeeeey, was a bit sad when I realised that it looks very very similar with one of the first one I made… and that this one has an extra side…. let’s overlook that

So this beautiful template produced this


So yeah.. that was it, templates… I hate them now, but you know, as always, learned a bunch from my mistakes so you know


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