Infographics are a quite cool thing, if done correctly. Inforgraphic can be as simple as the little piece of paper that is stuffed down the packaged and has so small type that you have to use a magnifying glass to see it.
 Yeah, not really interesting and fun to look at, but it’s the appropriate thing to use in this context. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need, and sometimes you need something a bit more exciting, something that get people to actually read it.
But then sometimes, people go a bit overboard, they think a bit to much about how flashy and cool it’s going to look, and not that people are actually going to understand it. Here are three infographics that didn’t really work


But then you have those really cool ones, the ones that just gives so much sense at the same time as it looks cool

And then you have my infographic, quite dissapointed to be honest, we were supposed to be creative and stuff, but I didn’t really have the time since I wasted it on the template.

If I could have done stuff differently I would have still used the text I have, but more with perhaps symbols, and with more leading and yeah, just made it look a bit cooler. I think that the infographic on the back ( yeah the mirrored one you can’t read… ops.. again) it’s not interesting and fun, but it’s necessary and looks quite alright.


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