Final Product

In the end I was quite satisfied with my final product. I liked how it looked like and it could actually have been an actual tea package, well, at least in my opinion hahaha. I think that the tea bags gave it a extra touch and kind of gave it a bit of contrast, I’m also very happy that I took the time to make the poster that I have in the back as I felt that helped me illustrate my point, and could have been cool in an campaign.

I’m also a bit happy that I wasn’t there when we had the studio, I do understand of course that it would have been an important and good lesson to have, and that it would probably have turned out cool as well, but I liked that I got the grass with it, since it’s Norse, and godly and naturlie I think it gave it the extra touch, it gave it character, something that is important when you take product pictures. It’s not always just about the product, but sometimes about the surroundings aswell. And as I said in my post about campaigns, I think that these pictures would look really good in a campaign.



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