Norse Design

As previously said, I’m planning on having all these five gods and types of tea in one package, so the “main” package kind of is going to have the typical viking/nordic/norse design, with runes and everything, I know the basics of it, but you research it a bit more. So here it goes.


Runes where the letters in the runic alphabets that were used in the times of vikings. They were carved into stone, tree and other things you could carve it in, as it took very long time to carve the messages were usually very short. The letters are all also very straight, and doesn’t have any curves of any kind since it’s very difficult to carve that in.

I’m planning on having the writing looking like runes (of course not acutal runes, cause then no one can read it)

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 6.03.37 p.m..png

Above is three different font’s that I thought looked like runes, the last one is probably the one that is closest to the real thing, but that’s also the one you can’t really read, so I think I will go for the first one.


In that time they usually had clothes, fabric and other things in brownish or greenish colour,but they could also dye it in red and blue ( which where the most popular and exclusive colours)

I’m currently using Adobe Kuler to find out what kind of colours I’m going to use, I’m thinking that it’s best to have like brownish with a bit of green in them, or yellow, that’s probably going to look best, I can imagine.


I’ve been experimenting now a bit with kuler, and I’ve found quite a lot of different combination’s that I like.

I might add more in this post after a while

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