Paper Making – Skittles Paper

Yesterday our new tutor Darren had a paper workshop with us. It was quite cool. The prosess is that you use normal paper, water and some other ingredient that you want to use ( leaves, grass, old Starbuck cups) you use a mixer to mix them together, when you’re done you take them in this, ehm… thing, and then you place them into this tub of water. Afterwards you have to press all the water out of it, and then let it dry for a couple of days. My group added skittles in our mixture, and it ended up being quite cool!

It tasted quite good! I’m not sure yet if I want to make more of this paper and use them for my tea bags, most likely not. Even tough it would be rather cool. But I have a Norse theme, and I’m not really sure what I could have done to make them look nordic and ancient, perhaps by just adding a lot of grass and stuff…I’ll see what I decide to do later.


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