Norse Mythological Tea – One god for every flavour.

So I think that before I start sketching I should research my gods first. I will have five different gods, and as I’m a feminist I’ll have two gods and two goddesses, and Loki is like in his own category, cause he’s everything.

Æsir (The male gods kind of)


Thor is the oldest son of Odin, he is know for his hammer and is the god for wars and fertility (yeah.. I know, the last one was a bit weird) Thor is also in control of the weather, especially thunder , and in the old days, if you wanted nice weather you prayed to Thor.




Odin is kind of like the god of all gods in the Norse mythology. He rules the afterlife, where half of the people that dies in battle end up in, Valhalla.  He sacrificed one of his eyes as an exchange for drinking of the Well Of Knowledge, this means that Odin know everything about the world.  He is (not so surprising perhaps) the god for wisdom and knowledge.  If I think about Odin I picture an old white bearded but powerful man.


Æsynjur ( The goddesses) 


Freyja is the goddess of  love, sex, beauty, fertility, death , gold and loads more than I’m not going to mention. Freyja is probably the most popular goddess, she rules in the heavenly afterlife where she receives half of the people that die in battle, this place is called Fólkvangr (please do not ask me to pronounce that) Frejya is married to Od, there has been allegations that this is just another name for Odin, but since it’s a religion and everyone is dead it makes it  a bit difficult to find out.



She is the wife of Odin, some say that she is also Freyja, and that there’s just been a misunderstanding, so that they are in fact the same person. But for this project let’s just ignore that allegation and pretend that they are  defiantly two people. Frigg is the most powerful of all of the Goddesses. She is the goddess of Love, fate and marriage. The reason to why Friday is called Friday is because of her (As well with Thor, Thursday,#FunFactOfTheDay )



So, this is the most weirdes one, so brace yourself and try to keep up: So Loki is a god, but he’s kind of like a shapeshifter, so he’s different things. He is the father of some mini gods (is that a thing? I’ll call them mini gods), and the mother of Odin’s horse (yeah, I know) Loki made himself to a female horse, and had sex (I assume) with a male horse, and together Sleipner was born. Loki is kind of the evil villain, but he has his moments of good as well (as all evil masterminds should)  he has done unspeakable things, like making a man kill his own brother without knowing , stealing very valuble things, tells other people’s secrets and much more. Loki died a horrible death by having his eyes taken out, and having acid drip on him.





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