Different tea brands from around the world

I’ve researched one tea brand for every part of the world, so Europe (England), America (America), Asia (India) and Africa,


The Boston Tea Company

This company came to be after the famous Tea Throwing incident in 1773 and the first tea products they sold were actually crates of salvaged tea from this incident. The Boston Tea Company sells a variaty of teas like black, green, herbal, flavoured and much more teas. The design on their packages are often old fashion from the area of its creation.

Main source; http://tea.wikia.com/wiki/The_Boston_Tea_Company



Twinings is a British brand that is owned by the company “Associated British Foods” It’s one of Britons biggest tea brands and they are based in Andover, Hampshire. Their logo is the oldest continually-used company logo and has also had the same place in London since 1706. They sell most of the common teas there is and they also make some, in 2005 they introduced a generic tea called “everyday tea”

Sri Lanka


Dilmah is a Sri Lankan tea brand, Sri Lanka is the fourth largest producer of tea (Yeah, I know, I was surprised as well) Dilmah is available in 92 different countries and is what is called Ceylon Tea ( Sri Lankan tea basically) they have a lot if different kinds of teas, and are quite exclusive and expensive. Australia has embraced Dilmah very much and stands now for over 10 percent of Dilmah’s global annual retail sales. Their design on the packaging vary depending on what kind of tea it is, but most of them have a exclusive look and have bright colours. It is apparanly different opinions on when Dilmah was founded, this are the years different sites say it where founded: 1988, 1974 and 1980

Their logo

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.31.13 p.m.

Their logo is very nationalistic, the Lions (ish) you see is Sri Lanka’s natonal emblem. They have a golden colour, and a bluish background, with the white on the Dilmah text to create contrast.

South Africa

Rooibos Ltd

Rooibos Ltd is a South African tea brand that came to be in 1954. Rooibos is a herb or a plant that grows in that area. This plan is like a bush with a centra, smooth barked main steam. Near the ground surface, or soil, the stem subdivides into a number of strong offshoots, followed by delicate side branches each bearing, singly or in clusters, needle like leaves.


The logo is red and is a drawing or an illustration of a cup of tea.  It is also a quite minimalistic design that has a picture of the actual tea on it as well.

Main source: http://www.rooibosltd.co.za/index.php

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