Tea for Vikings…not so brilliant after all

Hi! So, after thinking quite a lot about it I realise that perhaps this isn’t a good idea. So I think I’ll scrap it. I know how to different ideas:

Mythical Tea

So when I talked to Darren and Steve they suggested that I could try to use the mythical aspect of vikings, and from this the idea of perhaps using the Norse mythology came to be.    I’m thinking about like using one of the females in the mythologi, like Freya and design it to be, feminime and devine. Or perhaps have one design per God, so one for Odin, Loke, etc. This can be a good idea perhaps, as Odin and Loke are quite popular these days as superheroes in Marvel.

Ceylon Tea

If you ask someone what they think they I say Ceylon tea they will most likely say really good, but expensive, tea. I want to change that, the assignment is to redesign it to make it available for a wider target group, by making a cheap version of Ceylon tea this will do it.

Update: After talking to Steve I think I’ll go for the Ceylon tea one

Update 1.2: Okey… changed my mind again, Norse Tea it is!




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