Time management

Time Management

I have made a small sheet of paper about time management, and this is kind of like in general. I will write more in detail here

1. So, in week one I spent most of my time going through the brief and understanding it, on the Friday, Steve went through how to make a 3D object in Illustrator, I spent the rest of the remaining day experimenting with this.

2. On Monday we’ll have a Laser Cutting workshop, we’ll also have a workshop on Thursday on about 3D printing. I will spend most of my Thursday and Friday researching both generally tea, and campaigns and such like, as well as researching all the different aspects of my idea, and fully create it.

3. Our new tutor Darren talked about perhaps having some sort of session about paper, so what you can make out of paper, this will most likely happen in the last hours on Monday when we have him. This week I will also go around talking to my fellow students about my idea, and get their input, so what they like and dislike about it. I’ll also start to really be done with looking into what kind of material I’m going to use for my packaging, and more.

4. This week I build or create my packaging and tea bags, I will also finalise the campaign and make sure that I’m completely done with my research.

5. This is the week where I’ll basically just get everything done.

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