Tea..tea.. and more tea!

Well, I am in England, so I shouldn’t be so surprised that we got a brief that was all about tea, but here I am, very surprised. The brief is about us making tea packaging. We are supposed to make our own tea package, creatively of course, so no square boxes. We are also going to make the tea bags, and find a existing tea campaign and redesign it to make it reach a wider target group.  We have had this brief now for under a week and I have already learned so much about tea. This is three of the things I’ve learned so far

  • England has a lot of different tea brands, and flavours. It’s not just Lipton and Earl Grey (apparently Earl Grey isn’t even a tea brand)
  • Norway doesn’t have any tea brands, well I kind of already knew this, but I’ve actually dobbel checked and yes, there is no such thing as Norwegian tea
  • There is a WkiTea page, seriously. In years after Wikipedia have been so popular it has been quite common to make similar pages that works the same way, but just with a narrow subject, for example like Game of Thrones Wiki (http://gameofthrones.wikia.com), and many more, and apprantly… there is one entirely about tea, (http://tea.wikia.com/)


I’ve also tried something new, and used Pinterest for a change!


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