Self Assessment

My opinion

Well… in short… I overdid it again. I always do this, let my fantasy spin and just ignore the fact that it’s to difficult, complicated and unrealistic to actually make and then try to make it. I am quite happy about my site, but I don’t really feel like I captured the band’s personality, as I feel like most of my classmates have with having the black minimalistic look. However, there’s always a bright side about me going overboard… I learn a lot. I’m going to say the same thing I always say at the end of an assignment, I’m not going to do it again for the next one, but who are we fooling?

Ideas that was left out

  • The Social Network: I wanted to have like a compute or something (similar to the TV) where, as a slideshow, you could go though their twitter, YouTube, Facebook and etc. on that computer so that I could show of those pages as well, however I couldn’t figure out how to do it (not sure if it’s even possible) it would have been a really cool feature that really would make the site better, but just one of the things I couldn’t do unfortunately.
  • Home button: I was planning on having different kinds of sign that said “Home Sweet Home” so that you could quickly come back to the home page instead of using the back button so much, however I couldn’t really make it look good, so I took it away.
  • Skirting Board: Another thing I was trying to do with ´the coming back to home page´ thing was to use a skirting board (or well, the thing that’s above the wallpaper at least) as a button. It would also be used as kind of a banner as that is very common in websites. But, like with the home sweet home idea, I couldn’t make this work either unfortunately.

Bad things about the site or things I could do better

I’ve had, like everyone always have, quite a lot of issues during this assignment. There are quite a lot of things on the website that I’m not satisfied about, but can’t really do anything with at this point.

  • The biggest issue is the music page, that looks really horrible. I would have loved to be able to make it look a bit more authentic with having the TV look like it was standing on the floor beneath the wall, however this was near to impossible ( I, at least, didn’t understand how to do it) as my video was cropped to show space underneath the TV as well, and I was hoping that everything would be transparent, something that obviously didn’t happen, so I’m a bit sad that that page didn’t turn out as I was planning on, as I had quite a vivid idea about how it should look like. My own promo video featured on that site is also not the best, as I tried “saving” it by putting a frame around it, but that make it look more modern than a vintage frame. I’m also guessing that by having the TV video being auto play, and not being able to turn it of it will be difficult to actually watch the promo video on the site.
  • I kind of screwed up when it comes to the whole font business… I tried doing the proses that I saw Terry White do to make font’s websafe, but I apparently failed. Every time I’ve tried to preview the ´book us´ page there’s come up a error message that the font’s been replaced, and sometimes it hasn’t and it looks perfect and then sometimes they have replaced them, so not sure what I have done wrong there.
  • I could have done the about us pages so much better! I was planning on having fake diplomas that said things like “best beatboxer” and just a lot of things people hang on their wall so that you could learn about the guys in a bit new, fun way, I soon realised that that was a lot of work, so I unfortunately gave up…
  • The articles. I dislike copy and paste very much as I feel like it gives you a bad impression If it’s basically the exact same words everywhere. So I tried to copy the style Dom clearly has when he is interviewed or when he answers questions in writing, funny and untraditional. I’m not really sure I managed to do that though, as I keep feeling like I’m one of the old guys that try to be “cool” by writing in “their” language, yo, I might also have overdid it a bit on me being mean to them….

Promo Video

I have written a more thoroughly report on the promo video on my blog ( ) but I’m going to write a bit here as well. I’m quite satisfied with my promo video. I got a really good start when I manage to mix the audio clips very well together so the transitions between each song were very good. The most challenging part of the whole video editing was the video clips itself as there were so many, and most not useable. I think I managed to make the video quite alright, there were of course a couple of things I noticed when I went through it again after finished, I also regret not spending time with colour correction as it didn’t look very professional, so it would most likely have made a better impression had I used more time on that. But other than that I’m quite happy about how the video turned out.


Software that I have used in this assignment: Indesign, Photoshop, Muse, Illustratior, Premier and After Effects




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