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Hi, in this post I’m going to talk about music video promo. A promo video is a short film that last between 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes. It shows small extracts from the music of a band without being to long. I have read some articles and videos about how to make a promo video.

One of these videos were very good and is called how to make a music promo in six easy steps. ( As this also talks about how to record it, there are some things that doesn’t apply to me, but I will still include it here.

  1. You should pick the best song you got (obviously) and record it as best as you can, you should then design the layout of the video. I’m not sure what song I’m going to use, I think it’s going to be Love Yourself, ’cause that’s the one that sounds the best, BUT I think that the others are live, so from the band night, and they sound a bit more rough, so perhaps that’s better?
  2. Use a good location, where it gives both a visual appeal and have a good audio acoustic. The footage is defiantly going to be from the live performance, but as I said in the 1.: Not sure if I’m going to use the music from the studio or live performance.
  3. Lighting set up. Well this doesn’t concern me.
  4. Film the people playing while having the studio music playing in the background to make it easier to sync when editing it. Again, not really something that concerns me
  5. Record the interview. I was planning on recording the Q and A, but as that turned out to be spontaneous that didn’t happen.
  6. Now going to edit the video: First of all you should sync the video and audio together  Split the different clips and put other clips in between. Render it and then edit the interview and  the music video together to make it seem more smooth, and less boring. So I have four different cameras I believe, so I’m going to make quite a bit use of that, by cutting from one to another a lot.

Hindsights Teaser

As I mentioned in my previous post Karine and I went on a concert to see a band called Hindsights. On Youtube they have a video that is kind of like a promo video, but a teaser, here it is.

I don’t really like this teaser video as it doesn’t show the song at all, only when it was recorded, and I think that when you want to promote or tease a song, you should actually use a bit of the song. But the footage was good though.

Other Promo Videos.

To get inspiration for my promo video I have looked at other peoples, here what’s what I’ve seen.

My promo video


I’ve been thinking about how I want my promo video to be. I think that I’ll be starting it off with a shot of the mic, with Dom talking a bit, I’ll then cut to another clip of Dom talking, in this he is presenting the band and I thought it would be a fun way to start the promo video, to give it a bit of character, there will be background music to this and there will be clips of Dom, Elliot and AJ playing while Dom presents them. After that I’m a bit unsure, I’m not sure if I’m going to have more than one song in the video, and to cut quite a lot, or just play the same song throughout.


I ended up using all the songs, and if I’m allowed to say myself, it sounds brilliant.

After Effects

In a lot of Triple Threats own videos they always start with the logo coming in as it it typed, I thought I could mimic this as the promo video should resemble other work from Triple Threat.

It’s a bit longer than normal, and perhaps not the most normal promo video, but to be hones, with me nothing really ever gets made normal. I wanted to show of all the songs they played at the music night and at the same time show of their personality, as that is something they are trying to sell as well, themselves. I’m not sure what I’ve done, but it does look a bit like the quality of the video got compromised, something that was specified in the brief that it shouldn’t, so in the future I’m going to be more detailed about it and make sure that it has a better quality.

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