7 basic design principles

I’ve gone through this article: http://www.musicthinktank.com/blog/7-basic-design-principles-to-clean-up-your-bands-website-wit.html

The article writes about how difficult it is for bands that aren’t designers to create a good website. They list 7 things you should remember when making the site.


They say that the first thing you should do is to ask yourself what you want to focus on with the webpage. I feel like with Triple Threat they want to focus on being booked, and perhaps to show what they can offer. But I’m not sure how I should do it, I don’t think the first thing you see when you open a page is book us. But perhaps making the ´book us´ page stand out a bit could be an idea.


You should also have some hierarchy on your page, with the most important information first, and then the less after ( of course) I only have three topics kind of, so I’ve aligned them in the middle as that is the first thing you see when you click on the page.

3. This is basically the same thing, simplify your design and navigation to make it easier to get around, something that I feel like I’ve done.

4. Not relevant to my page really, it’s just that you have to make it easy for the visitors to buy your music, perhaps I can link it to my page and say that that’s book us page, or the music page, but other than having them on the front page, not sure what more I can do really

5. Show of you email sign up, again, something I don’t really have, except the book us page.

6. Get high quality photos, done. The perks of being a media student is that most of the pictures you, your tutor or your classmate take is at high quality,

7. Less is more. Well…. okey sometimes it’s really good to break design rules and principles and in this case I have done that, as you can’t really call my site minimalistic…



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