12029592_899713256775037_5545133511071601128_oHi, on the 23rd of January Karine and I went to a concert in London, the band that was playing was called Hindsights and it was their last concert ever. This was a typical emo/rock concert. The venue was small, dark, and not in the best standard, something I almost suspect was to create the mood. I learned a bit from going to this concert:

  • In concerts like this it’s very common that it’s very dark, there were a person that filmed the whole concert. He solved the light issue by putting a external light on his camera, this was very strong and even though we, the audience noticed it quite a bit, I believe it was a very smart choice, because he probably got some great footage out of it.
  • The camera man filmed (all) most of the concert from behind the band, instead of as our camera crew did and filmed from the front. I think that this gave the film more a concert feeling, and character. By including the audience in the film it perhaps truly felt like you were there, on the stage, instead of in the audience.

The concert was great and I’m so glad I went, I felt like I got a lot out of it.

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