Navigation menus

I’m having a bit difficult’s deciding about my menu, I want it to be a bit unique, and to fit in with my website. But that’s quite difficult as I only have bad ideas. My only real idea is to have the front page as a house, and that you can click on different rooms that take you to different rooms, but that’s just silly. Steve also suggested using some duck menu thing, something that was popular in the 70s or something, so I will look into that as well.

I have looked at quite a lot of different pages to try to get some idea on how to do it. I’ve been at these sites:

I didn’t really got a lot of new ideas, but a few.


I also felt like this site is a bit similar to what I want to archive.

Another Idea that I’m having now is having pictures on the homepage, of the other pages. So you can click on. Either as a wall as well or just a normal page. Perhaps a door, where you can click what page you want to take.






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