I’ve been researching different webpages, Dom the beatboxer said that he loved the IKEA page, so I have been looking into that one.

Ikea Webpage

To be honest I disagree with Dom about this website, I don’t really like it. It looks…cheap, but that might be what they are after. But I see what he means with how simple it is, you don’t really need a guide about how to use the website, you understand it straight away, something that’s good.

Band Webpages

You would thought that it would be simple to come up with a band or two, but when your supposed to think of when you can’t remember a thing. I ended up googling the word band… something that didn’t really get me far. So at the end I had to ask my peers for suggestions. They gave me to names: One Direction and 5SOS

5 Seconds of Summer

I really really like the 5SOS website, it’s easy to understand while still being cool and unique. I feel like it is focusing on looking like a teenager page, with quite a lot of street art. I also like the tiles, and that you can click on them to get different places.

One Direction

1D’s page is the opposite from 5SOS website, this one looks more like a online newspaper. You scoll down to read different “articles” and you can click on a ” read more” button to read the entire article. This one is also easy to understand, but I still feel like it’s a bit boring.


From the 5SOS website I got an idea. To try and make a website that looked like the wall at a house, with family pictures. But that the pictures are interactive. For example: In the about us page there are four frames/pictures, one of each of the members, and one with them as a group. If you click on one of them you get “thrown downwards” to a page about that person, or the band. If you are in the music page you will get a similar system like with the 5SOS, there are small gifs that are thumbnails, and when clicked on it they will either play the music video, or send you to a page that will. The Contact us page will look like a chalkboard, and when you type it looks like your writing it chalk.



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