Done with app

I handed inn the app last Tuesday. I am quite happy how the app turned out, I wanted to do something creative, something that would challenge me, and I believe that I succeeded in doing that. However in my seek for new challenges and new ideas I kind of forgot the most important part of this brief… the design. I think that it looks alright, but I know that I could have done a much better job on it had I not been so obsessed with the fancy features. “It looks kinda good, I’m gonna tweak and make it better in a while, just gonna do this and this first”

The fact page was one of the pages that I was most proud of, it turned out exactly how I’d imagined it! Or well, I was planning on being a bit more creative with the typography part, and make the text a bit more exciting to read, but I never got around to do it. But except that did this page turn out perfectly.

The picture quiz also turned out rather good, it looked almost like I had imagined it and I felt like it was easy to figure out, I think that it could have been better to have actual pictures instead of the illustrations that I had, I have no pictures in my app and that is something I kind of regret not doing, that is one of my main problems with creative apps, every app I have made has almost always not had a single picture in it, something that makes the app boring quite quickly. I should have used my host sister and then take pictures of her sitting incorrectly and the same things the illustration did.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 5.01.14 p.m.

The Seatbelt Quiz was the page I think I was less happy with, I didn’t really like the design, it was something that made it be unpleasent. I tried changing the colours, but that was very unsuccessful and I ended up going back to the colours that I had. I also should have worked a lot more on the typography.

The menu looks pretty cool in my opinion, I wanted to do something different from a normal menu and I feel like I accomplished that

The audio worked almost perfectly, it annoyed me a great deal that I couldn’t play background music at the same time as the narrator audio, but that was because the adobe app is so undeveloped and are missing a lot of crucial features.

In general I’m quite happy, but still a bit disappointed that I didn’t realise later that I should work more on the design. I should have binned one of the games, for example the picture quiz and use that time to instead make the two other better.



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