In this post I’m going to speak about my colour choices.

Menu and the basic colour

I have chosen to use purple as my basic colour, that is the colour that will represent the app. So all arrows, menus, and different symbols that are about the app will be that colour. The reason to why I chose to use the colour purple is because I was reading through different colour meanings and stumbled across this article ( In this article they point out that purple is loved by most children. It gives peace of the mind, is the colour of purpose and the article write “Put some violet in your life when you want to use your imagination to its fullest” I therefore chose to use that colour, and are quite happy with my choice.

Seatbelt Quiz, picture quiz and the seatbelt facts

I read these to articles when trying to figure out the colours for the quizzes and the fact(, I wanted something that would motivate creativity and knowledges and they suggested bright colours. I have therefore tried to use as “happy” colours as possible. I also used the same colours inn all three “pages” to give the design unity (unsure if this is the correct name, translated from Norwegian)

I have not used the colour white anywhere in my design, the only place it looks like it is white is the mouths on the people in the app, but that is a very light blue colour. The reason to why I haven’t used the colour white is that children often respond very badly to that, they don’t really like it. It also is quite a “harsh” colour, it’s displeasing to the eye and is disturbing. But by simply using a light toned colour it softens the design up, and makes it more pleasant to look at.


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.46.52 p.m. Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.47.17 p.m.

By applying the blue colour instead of the white it makes the design more pleasant to look like. But one minor error is that the illustrator file isn’t cooperating, even though it’s the exact same colour it will still look a tiny bit darker in illustrator than in indesign, this is something I didn’t really understood, but decided not to bother using my time with fixing.


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