The seatbelt quiz and the seatbelt facts

So I’ve been working on the seatbelt quiz. I did run into a small issue where I couldn’t touch the answers as I wanted it to, and get a respons, like a correct symbol up. I googled a bit, and tried different things, and after a while I finally figured out how to do it! That kinda made my day hahaha, but yeah, I haven’t worked with the design that much, as I’ve been focusing on getting it to work.


I’ve also been working on the facts. I’ve written down five facts that I want to have. And started working on the design. I made some fast illustrations of a person wearing a seatbealt in illustrator, and made it in different colours. Right now I have three different versions that I’m not sure which to take.

Of course it’s not even half finished. But the plan is that you can click on each of those and get a fact. Here are the five facts:

Fact 1: Whenever you ride in a car, wear your seatbelt every time. No matter how short the trip is – even if it’s only around the corner – you still need to buckle up. This is so important because if the car you’re riding in gets into an accident, the seatbelt restrains you. (Restrain is a fancy word for holding you back.) Even if the car is moving slowly, you can still get thrown around if you’re not wearing your seatbelt.


Fact 2: Kids are VIP, and the VIP always ride at the back. Therefore you should always ride in the back, it’s also the safest to do so!


Fact 3:

If you crash and you aren’t wearing a seatbelt there are a greater chance that you will get hurt! It is also a bigger chance that you can die.


Fact 4:

Older cars might have two separate belts or no shoulder belt, but just a lap belt. Whichever kind of seatbelt you come across, the directions are the same: Buckle every belt.


Fact 5:

Kids should use a booster seat until they are about 4 feet, 9 inches tall (1.4 meters) or until they reach the weight and height harness strap limits of their car seat, which is usually between the ages of 8 and 12. At that height, the seatbelt should fit just right without the booster seat. So check with your parent to make sure you’re big enough to ride safely without a booster!


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