Serious Business Meeting

Tonight I had a meeting with my host sister, Sarah (9). I asked her to give me some advice on apps for children, and what she wanted to have in an app that was about seat belts. She was reluctant at first, as she thought it sounded boring to have an app like that, but after sometime we managed to come up with some ideas. The biggest issue that we had was that most of her ideas was games, that I can’t do in indesign. However, she did suggest some ideas that I think I’ll manage to do.

In every single idea it includes an audio file that plays automatically, where a person reads the questions and the different answers, reads the facts/information or explains how to play the game (click on the right picture)

Idea 1

A quiz.

You can either have one question. For example: When should you not wear a seatbelt? There would then be multiple answers, and you could click on each one, when you clicked on it an icon would appear to show if that is correct or wrong.

You can also have multiple questions, and below each question a yes or no button. Each time you clicked on one of them you would get an icon that said if you were correct or wrong.

Idea 2

Have a picture of a car, or something else related to seatbelts and driving. You have many pictures of this car, but perhaps in different colours. If you click on one of the cars a text box will appear with different information, that will also be read out loud at the same time.

Idea 3

Similar idea like the first one. But this one with pictures instead. Question: How is the correct way to use a seatbelt? Shows three wrong ways, and one correct. Click next to come to the next question and picture.


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