New Idea and planning the content

Today I tried to sketch a bit more, but found it rather difficult. I was thinking, and thought that perhaps I should know more concretely about what I’m going to have in my app, before I decide how it should look.

I’m not sure how I’m going to do it. The problem is that you shouldn’t have a lot of text, as that is boring. So I’m trying to come up with creative ideas to convert a lot of text into something fun, or at least something that isn’t boring. I’m therefore trying to brainstorm.


  • Having a audio file, that tells a story ( similar to this, just not with the animation
  • Having graphs and such to show statistics
  • Footage from the traffic collision stimulation


Looking at the films from the “tales of the road” got me thinking a bit, perhaps instead of focusing on all four as I was planning, I can instead focus on seatbelt, and target kids. Trying to have a children friendly layout and such.

I have now watched quite a few PIF’s that targets kids specially. I liked these three the best I think (it’s from the same campaign, Think!) I liked how simple it was, how it played on thymes and how it was simple to understand and fun to watch. It might be a bit scary though for the youngest children. 



This is a quite new one, that’s Australian, this is also very good as it has friendly music, it plays on rhymes and has pretty animation. It is also not particularly scary, so most children can watch it, and understand it quite well. 

PIF’s were often made for children in the old days, so I’ve also watched quite a few of those to compare them to the ones we make nowadays.

The two first ones that I saw I thought they were plan boring. And they are very long, in these there are a lot more unnecessary information, it might have confused the children that were watching since they had to concentrate for so long before getting to the point. 


I also watched a PIF serie from the 70s that consisted of six short films. They are a lot better than the two I just watched as these films are quick, it’s an animation and has a cat featured in it. All the films have a different message in them, that varies from not going with strangers and to always tell your mum where you are going. Like with the previous two they also had a lot of unnecessary information.  

I am rather fascinated about how much the PIF’s have evolved in 50 years, 50 years is a long time, but still. The films now are short, informative, fun to watch and easy to understand, something I think the old ones lacked.


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