Apps for kids

Since I’ve looked at different PIFs for kids, I started reading tips and about apps that were for kids. I read (  article and found a lot of useful tips. Like that I should use size 14 in fonts, and to not include a lot of swipe features, mostly just buttons. One should also not have like a home menu in the bottom, as kids tend to touch that area. I kinda want to make the app in a way, like a game, but quite uncertain if I’ll be able to do that.

I’ve been thinking about the age group, and was thinking about 6-13, but now I’m starting to worry about it being a bit to big of a gap. So instead I think I decide that my age group will be from age 8-12. The reason to that age group is that I want to have a “childish” look, but still not to childish. It’s also very difficult to make apps for children smaller than eight years old, since most of them can’t read (even tough they have parents of course) I also have a nine year old host sister that I can try the app on.


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