App Reaserch

Today I’ve been looking at different app design’s and reading tips to get my app to look better. I;m trying to avoid getting to specific about my ideas for the design of the app, as we are getting more information on Thursday when we go to the fire station, however, looking at all these different apps gives me quite a few ideas, so it’s going to be interesting to see if I’ll be able to do something similar.

(Click on each images to find what I mean about them)

Of course, when I find apps that I like, I always also find those that I don’t like.

After looking at all these I’ve been starting to think about colours. I think that since it’s kinda supposed to be from Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service I’ll use their colours. In their logo they have four different colours ( if you include the colour white), so I’m most likely going to use those, with white and red as my primary colours, and blue as my secondary and the gold as my tertiary colour.




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