Indesign Tutorials

Today I’ve watched two indesign tutorials by Terry White, he is great at making these and is really good at explaining. I’m already quite comfortable in indesign so I didn’t really want to watch them, but now I’m very happy that I did because I got some great tips that I didn’t know about!

How To Create iPad Apps Using InDesign CS6

The first one I watched was about making apps. As previously said I didn’t really want to watch it since I’ve already made three apps before, so I know the basics. However he showed me a great tips about how you could, using photoshop make a before/after slide-picture, and got a great idea about how I can maybe make a before/after slide-picture about what happens after you crash because of one of the fatals four, or something like that. I also learned some other very useful stuff about how the apps in indesign works, and its potential. Some of it was however a bit confusing.

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How To Get Started With Adobe InDesign CS6 – 10 Things Beginners Want To Know

I was rather surprised about how many things I learned from this tutorial, there’s so many things I’ve done the hard way, in this tutorial he shows 10 great tips!

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